Our book “The Jobs of the Future” is out

Shapers from five Italian Hubs have contributed to the book "The Jobs of the Future" published by Talent Ventures to help young people of today better prepare for their professional futures tomorrow

Within the project IMPROVE, Shapers from several Italian Hubs have collaborated on a book published by Talent Ventures under the title The Jobs of the Future: Why 65% of today’s kids will have jobs that don’t exist yet, which is now available on Amazon.

IMPROVE was founded by Milan Hub in 2016 and scaled up to the national level in 2018. The project aims at reducing youth unemployment in Italy by training high school students about the impact of Industry 4.0 on the job market. Participating Shapers deliver talks and workshops at high schools and education fairs like Salone dello Studente on over 30 workshop topics, such as the Sustainable Development Goals, The Future of Healthcare, Impact Investing, Smart Agriculture and Nutrition and Smart Cities. So far, the project has reached over 6,500 students, educators and young professionals.

The project is now expanding to cover publications, starting from the book published with Project Partner Talent Ventures. It was edited based on 25 contributions from five Italian Global Shapers Hub, including from Turin Shapers: Anass Hanafi, Andrea Barbero, Fabio Cassanelli, Luigi Riccardo, Margherita Barbieri, Paolo Bevolo and Simone Bonamin. From Artificial Intelligence to Space Exploration, from innovations in the legal sector to the development of the sustainability sector, the authors show how the job market is changing before our eyes, drawing from their own experiences as accomplished young professionals. We hope the book will serve as a guide for young readers to better understand the impact of new technologies on their professional future and to better prepare for it by acting immediately, in the present.


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